UrBackup protects against ransomware

UrBackup protects your devices against ransomware if you keep a few things in mind when setting it up

In general it is useful to have this image in mind when evaluating risks w.r.t. backups:

There are many risks to the data stored on the clients, for example (red section):

Similarly there are many risks to the data stored on the server, for example (blue section):

You want to eliminate/reduce those risks (e.g. by using RAID), especially those that occur frequently or are easy/low cost to reduce.

What you should be most concerned about, however, are the risks that affect both simultaneously, for example (intersection between red and blue section):

Make a list of those risks, reduce them if possible (e.g. by having a unique, separate admin password or surge protection for client or server) and then judge if they are rare enough or can be ignored (one probably has other problems if an asteroid destroys a continent).

UrBackup is better than other backup software at protecting you from ransomware

Again, looking at the picture above, other backup software often fails at keeping backup (server) and backup source (client) sufficiently independent:

The independence goes the other way, as well. If an attacker/ransomware takes over your backup server it should not be possible to affect data on the backup source (client), specifically:

Other important configuration w.r.t. UrBackup and ransomware

In general, but also to protect against ransomware: