2.4.x -> 2.5.x

2.3.x -> 2.4.x

2.2.x -> 2.3.x

2.1.x -> 2.2.x

2.0.x -> 2.1.x

1.4.x -> 2.0.x

1.3.x -> 1.4

On non-btrfs file systems unchanged folders are symlinked per default now. This behaviour can be disabled in the advanced settings if it causes problems with other tools.

1.0 -> 1.1


Per default UrBackup does not use files in the temporary folder as buffer anymore. Reenable this in the “Advanced” tab in settings if your main backup storage is slow and if you have enough temporary space available.

0.24 -> 0.25


There are a lot of optimizations of UrBackup’s internal database. These require some indices to be rebuild. This may take a while. Please be patient.

0.23 -> 0.24




Debian based systems: The path in wich UrBackup’s data resides has changed. You have to manually copy over the files of the previous version in order to keep your data. The path changed from /var/lib/urbackup to /var/urbackup. The best way to keep your old settings and backups is to first uninstall the old package (apt-get remove urbackup_srv), move the files by executing

mv /var/lib/urbackup /var/urbackup

And then to install the new version.