Install UrBackup server from sources

  1. Download the UrBackup Server source package.
  2. Extract the archive (tar xf [filename]) and navigate into the newly created folder.
  3. Run ./configure and make.
  4. Run sudo make install. Two binaries, several libraries and one script will be installed. You can use the script to start UrBackup server. It is called start_urbackup_server.
  5. Add UrBackup to the system startup. There is no easy, distribution unified way to do this. Thus the ''make install'' does not do it for you. An init script for Debian is already included. You can install it via:

    cp init.d /etc/init.d/urbackup_srv update-rc.d urbackup_srv defaults 90

If your distribution is not Debian or Debian based (Ubuntu, Nexenta, ...) you have to either build your own init script or just put start_urbackup_server into your rc.local. If start_urbackup_server does not work maybe the paths in there are off. Then you have to take a look where make install installed all the files and modify start_urbackup_server accordingly.

If you build an init script it would be highly appreciated if you publish it e.g. by adding it to the wiki, so that others can profit from your work.