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NexentaStor is a NAS operating system based on the Solaris kernel and Debian. UrBackup runs on it.

First of all to the NexentaStor web interface and create something like a backup pool with a urbackup folder and a tmp folder. You can disable sync and should disable deduplication and compression for the tmp folder. Also set a quota and reserve space for the tmp folder. How much depends on your number of clients - at least 1GB per client.
The urbackup folder should have sync on default and wether you use compression and/or deduplication or not is your decision.

Then you need to log in as root user on a normal shell. I was able to do this by login (weirdly enough) not as root. But as admin. If you do not have access to the NAS itself use a ssh client (for Windows e.g. PuTTY).
After having logged in in a shell there should be a warning that this is not supported and that you should do all management with the web interface.
Elevate yourself to root with su and your root password.
Download and install urbackup via
wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/urbackup/files/Server/1.1/urbackup-server_1.1-1_solaris-i386.deb/download
dpkg -i urbackup-server_1.1-1_solaris-i386.deb
If the setup asks you for where to save the backups say /volumes/backup/urbackup (If you used the same names as above). You can change this setting latter via the UrBackup web interface.
In your shell open the urbackup_srv configuration file with an editor:
nano /etc/default/urbackup_srv
And change DAEMON_TMP dir to /volumes/backup/tmp. Restart the server via
/etc/init.d/urbackup_srv stop
/etc/init.d/urbackup_srv start
Now everthing should work and you should be able to acess UrBackup via http://servername:55414. To restrict the access you have to create an admin account in Settings->Users. Without this account everyone can access all Backups using the web interface!

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